Dear UC Colleague:

I am writing to provide you some important information about our current negotiations with the Teamsters union regarding a new contract for clerical employees. 

According to flyers distributed by the union, tomorrow (June 21) the Teamsters plan to be visible at various UC locations to distribute information about our negotiations and a number of union bargaining requests. 

While the University does not think it is productive to try to bargain a contract via flyers, media, or anywhere but at the negotiating table, we believe it is important to provide you accurate information.  

The Teamsters and UC have held several bargaining sessions to discuss a new contract to replace the current one that expires this fall. These initial sessions focused on exchanging and discussing the parties’ opening proposals. We believe the union’s flyers and on-site activity this week is intended to publicize the union’s initial proposals.

Contrary to the statements in the union’s flyers, UC clerical workers have received regular annual increases in accordance with the current contract and the understanding between UC and the Teamsters that increases should be based on the market and employee performance.

The Teamsters’ characterizations that UC pay programs are based on favoritism is inaccurate. Under the current contract, the Teamsters agreed to make clerical unit employees eligible for the local performance and merit-based award program known as Staff Appreciation and Recognition, or the STAR program. 

UC is committed to bargaining in good faith and sincerely considering the Teamsters proposals in the context of UC's employment, fiscal and budgetary priorities. At future bargaining session, UC will provide the union with comprehensive proposals that include fair wage increases, continuation of the performance based STAR program and valuable health and retirement benefits. Continuing to provide clerical employees with fair wages and good benefits remains, and conducting respectful and efficient negotiations, are top priorities for UC.

We will continue to update you over the coming months to ensure you receive timely and accurate information about these contract negotiations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local labor relations office.


Anthony DiGrazia

Systemwide Labor Relations

University of California