The University of California today (June 25, 2015) announced a tentative agreement on a first contract with the doctors and dentists who provide services at UC student health centers.

Members of the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) are expected to vote on the tentative agreement within the next few weeks.

“While these negotiations have taken longer than anyone would have liked, we’re pleased to have agreement on this first contract and a clear road forward,” said Dwaine B. Duckett, UC’s vice president of human resources.

Highlights of the tentative four-year agreement include:

  • Wage increases
    • 3.5 percent wage increase upon ratification, plus a lump sum representing an additional 3.5 percent increase.
    • 3 percent increases per year in each of the subsequent three fiscal years
    • Minimum salary for eligible doctors increases to $165,000 a year
  • Four-year contract would expire June 30, 2019.
  • Medical and pension benefits
    • The same quality health care benefits as the general UC employee population
    • Current employees: Employees who are members of the 1976 pension tier would contribute 8 percent and members of the 2013 tier would contribute 7 percent — the same rates as the general UC employee population. UC contributes 14 percent of pay in both tiers.
    • New employees hired on or after July 1, 2016: As part of the final state budget and funding agreement between UC and Gov. Brown, UC will implement a new category (“tier”) of retirement benefits for future employees.
  • Improved layoff provision that includes 60 days notice of planned layoffs. Employees would receive up to 16 weeks of severance pay, depending on their years of service.

When ratified, this will be the first contract between UC and the UAPD, bringing to a close a year and a half of negotiations. 

The union held several strikes during the negotiations, claiming unfair labor practices by UC. Under the tentative agreement, the UAPD would withdraw its unfair labor practice charges against the university.