The University of California released the following statement today (April 3) on behalf of Dwaine B. Duckett, UC’s vice president for human resources, regarding planned strikes by the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) at the university’s student health centers later this month:

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“We are disappointed that the union has chosen to stage strikes for the second time in three months instead of negotiating to resolve the remaining issues. 

“UC is taking appropriate steps to ensure our students will have uninterrupted access to the medical services they need at our campus health centers during these strikes. We urge our employees to come to work during the strikes and continue serving the students who rely on them for care. Strikes that negatively impact our students will not resolve a labor dispute.

“The university and the union have made progress at the bargaining table and reached tentative agreements on most non-economic issues. UC has offered wage proposals and the same competitive healthcare and retirement benefits provided to non-represented UC employees.

“We disagree with the union’s claims that these strikes are about unfair labor practice charges. The union has refused to discuss these alleged practices at the bargaining table.

“We urge union leaders to be reasonable and focus their energy on reaching a fair agreement.”