The University of California and the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) have engaged an independent state mediator to help advance contract negotiations.

UC is approaching mediation with the goal of finalizing a contract and bringing more than a year of negotiations to a close. The parties met with the mediator Feb. 25. The next bargaining session is March 11.

Most recently, UC offered a five-year contract that includes excellent health and retirement benefits, and the following annual wage increases:

  • 3.5 percent wage increase upon ratification
  • 3 percent wage increase each year for the next four years through 2018-2019

UC’s wage proposal is similar to what other UC campus employees receive. In addition, UC’s proposed annual increases are higher than what the UAPD recently accepted in its final three-year contract with the California State University, which calls for a 3 percent increase in the first year and 2 percent increases in 2015 and 2016.

UC believes its wages are competitive with comparable student health centers for the work required of student health physicians and dentists at the campuses, which provide different services and serve a different patient population than UC medical centers.

UAPD has continued to demand substantially higher wage increases of 6 to 9 percent a year that far exceed what campus employees receive and that would stress the budgets of the student health centers.

The university is open to reasonable compromise and is fully committed to mediation until an agreement is reached. UC hopes UAPD approaches mediation in the same spirit.