Since the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) was selected to represent doctors and dentists at UC’s student health centers, UC has worked with the union at the bargaining table in an effort to establish a contract. Earlier this month, the university proposed a comprehensive five-year offer with a complete benefits package, including annual wage increases and the same quality retirement benefits as other employees. UC wants to reach agreement on a contract for this bargaining unit and move forward.

UC’s latest comprehensive proposal guarantees regular wage increases, and the same employee pension contribution rates as most UC employees:

  • 3.5 percent wage increase upon ratification — up from 3 percent in UC’s previous offer
  • 3 percent annual wage increases in each of the following four years through 2018-2019. This is an additional 3 percent in wage increases over the previous offer.
  • Employee pension contribution rates that are as much as 2 percent lower than what the union is proposing its members pay.

Although the parties have agreed to some contract provisions, the UAPD continues to make demands that will stress the budgets and operations of the student health centers. For example, the union’s proposal on hours of work would compromise the university’s flexibility to staff and schedule according to needs, while also further straining the student health center budgets. Another example is that union leaders are demanding more advanced notice for policy changes than what other unions receive. This demand would inhibit UC’s ability to respond to operational needs in the student health centers and make adjustments when needed. 

In addition, UC wants to preserve employees’ right to privacy by continuing to let them decide whether to have the university disclose their home addresses and phone numbers to the union, while union leaders are insisting on automatic disclosure of such information for new hires. The union’s uncompromising approach on such issues makes it increasingly difficult to reach agreement.

The union still has not accepted UC’s offer to further engage an independent mediator to help resolve differences and reach a settlement. Instead of focusing on problem solving, UAPD leaders have set in motion the potential for a strike. UC urges union leaders to choose a more productive path and to allow our doctors and dentists to continue providing the quality care we know they want to provide.

The next bargaining session is Dec. 17, 2014.