The University of California is disappointed that the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) is asking its members to take a strike authorization vote this week. UC believes this move is premature, given the university’s movement at the bargaining table and our offer to engage an independent mediator to help reach an agreement.

UC’s comprehensive five-year contract proposal for campus student health center doctors features:

  • 3 percent wage increase per year for four years
  • Good health and pension benefits. Pension rates as much as 2 percentage points less than what the UAPD is proposing that its membership pay.
  • Support for professional development and good working conditions

UC believes its proposal is balanced: it guarantees employees receive regular wage increases, and is financially prudent in this economy. Our proposed contract also includes excellent affordable healthcare, quality pension benefits, support for professional development and good working conditions. Most UC student health center physicians earn at least $150,000 a year, which is market competitive with California State University and other California colleges.

UC is committed to resolving differences with the UAPD. That's why after both sides met with a mediator in September, UC offered to continue mediation; the union rejected this and is now calling for a potential strike.

As a negotiating tactic, UAPD has filed an unfair labor practice complaint. The UAPD has not responded to our offer to resolve the issue, but we remain willing to work with union leaders. The university believes it is crucial that the notion of interrupting critical medical services to students does not gain momentum through this authorization vote.