UC’s contract proposals to AFSCME-represented staff have offered guaranteed annual wage increases and excellent benefits, and protect employee jobs.

We hope AFSCME-represented employees come to work next week and do not strike.

Wage Increases for Service Staff

17.5% wage increase over 4 years:

  • 4% increase in 2013-14
  • 4.5% each year for next three years (includes 2.5% annual increase for all employees, plus 2% annual step increase most workers would receive)
Wage Increases for Patient Care Technical Staff 23.5% wage increase over 4 years:
  • 6.5% increase in 2013-14 (includes 3.5% increase already given)
  • 5% each year for next three years (includes 3% annual increase for all employees, plus 2% annual step increase most workers would receive)
  • 2% step increase in July 2017
Health Care

No rate increases in Kaiser and Health Net (paybands 1 and 2), meaning UC employees continue to pay 10 times less than other state workers.

Kaiser payband 1:

  Single  Family
UC employee $11.78/month $35.21/Month
State employee $149/month $392/month
Pension Benefits Per AFSCME's request, same pension formula as UPTE and CNA in which employees contribute 9% of pay. UC previously offered alternatives in which workers would contribute as little as 5%, which AFSCME rejected.
Retiree Health Care Same retiree health care eligibility rules as other unions.
No increase in Kaiser retiree benefit premiums.
Protecting Jobs Improved job protections from layoffs and the use of outside contractors.
Under existing contract, UC already does not contract out any services that would result in layoffs.
Seniority Using seniority to fill open shifts
Ensuring seniority is used for voluntary overtime

UC has repeatedly improved its offers for more than a year, in an effort to reach a settlement.

AFSCME’s planned five-day strike in March will cost UC about $10 million a day to maintain critical services for patients. AFSCME’s last two strikes in May and November cost UC about $30 million. 

UC believes employees deserve the opportunity to vote on its offers.

For the facts: ucal.us/UCService and ucal.us/PatientCareTechs