On Feb. 3, UC again improved its wage proposal for patient care technical employees, and urged AFSCME leaders to call off the strike vote scheduled next week. We believe AFSCME should let patient care technical staff vote on this offer, rather than ask them to support another financially damaging strike. So far, AFSCME’s strikes have cost the UC system about $30 million.

We call on AFSCME leaders to present our offer to patient care technical employees.

UC's Proposal for Patient Care Technical Employees

Wages UC has increased its wage offer to 17.5% over four years through 2016-17.
Health Benefits

UC will not increase 2014 employee premiums in Kaiser and Health Net for pay bands 1 and 2 in 2015 and 2016, a benefit not offered to any other union. The freeze could continue in 2017, if AFSCME agrees to a longer duration.

If AFSCME agrees, this is what many patient care technical staff would pay:

                                        Kaiser                         HealthNet

Pay Band 1

Single                       $11.78/month                    $29.49/month

Family                       $35.21/month                   $131.18/month
Contracting Out UC has agreed to explore ways to further mitigate the impact of contracting out on patient care technical employees in addition to current job protections.
Pension Benefits UC has agreed to AFSCME’s request for the same pension benefit formula as CNA and UPTE. Under the pension proposal, all employees are eligible to retire using the age factor 1.1% at age 50 and 2.5% at age 60. Employees would contribute 9 percent of pay, the same as other bargaining units are paying for the same benefits.
Retiree Health Care UC has agreed to AFSCME’s request for the same retiree healthcare eligibility rules as CNA and UPTE, including grandfathering current employees for retiree health eligibility AND UC will freeze the Kaiser rate for the life and duration of the agreement.
Seniority Improved shift assignment language to provide senior qualified employees the opportunity to fill openings.
Layoffs UC has improved protections in the agreement to ensure alternatives to layoffs are explored, including eliminating temporary workers first.

The university has told AFSCME leadership that it will adjust its latest offer to account for the negative financial impacts of preparing for and responding to another strike. We are working hard to finalize a good contract, and to bring these negotiations to a peaceful end. We urge AFSCME to join us in moving forward.