The University of California and United Auto Workers (UAW) have begun negotiations for a new contract covering the more than 10,000 academic student employees that serve as teaching assistants, readers and tutors at campuses.

Negotiations began this summer, with the second bargaining session held July 8-9, 2013 at UC Santa Barbara. During the two-day session, UC and the UAW reached agreement on ground rules for the negotiations. In addition, the university presented proposals on discipline and dismissal, union access and rights, appointment notification and appointment security. The UAW presented proposals on holidays, waiver and union security.

UC is committed to respectful and productive good-faith bargaining to reach a fair agreement before the current contract ends Sept. 30, 2013.

The university's goals for these negotiations include:

  • Reaching a comprehensive multi-year contract that is fair to both student employees and the university, and that addresses key issues such as compensation, reimbursement for childcare costs to support employees with families, and working conditions;
  • Providing a fair compensation package, which includes good wages and quality benefits, that rewards student employees for their skills and dedication;
  • Achieving a responsible and sustainable contract that protects the quality of the university and its instructional mission.

UC values academic student employees and the service they provide in support of its public service mission. The university will work hard to achieve a contract that reflects the student employees' dedication and service.