Negotiations between the University of California and the California Nurses Association (CNA) continued May 29–31, 2013 for a new contract covering more than 11,000 nurses systemwide.

During the three-day bargaining session at UC Davis Medical Center, the university and union continued to present and review contract proposals and counter proposals, including issues such as family care resources and health and safety. CNA presented its wage proposal, which the university will carefully review.

In addition, the university listened to testimonials from nurses regarding working conditions and retirement benefits. The university is committed to providing a fulfilling work environment for employees, and will take these testimonials into consideration.

The next bargaining session is June 12–14, 2013 at UCLA Medical Center.

UC remains hopeful and committed to reaching a competitive, multi-year agreement that fairly rewards employees for their public service and protects the quality of UC’s medical centers.

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