Yesterday afternoon UC presented UPTE leaders a proposal to increase UC’s previous wage offer for UC health care professional employees. The proposal, summarized in the chart below, is based on local market conditions in each of the five regions within which UC medical centers operate. In addition to general across-the-board increases at each location, additional increases/measures (step or equity increases, range adjustments, etc.) are being offered to address market-based wage issues for certain positions and/or medical centers. UC’s wage offer is part of a total compensation package that includes excellent health and retirement benefits and is dependent upon an agreement on all outstanding economic issues, including pension reform.

UC May 16, 2013 wage proposal for health care professional employees

Location UC Proposal
UC Davis
  • 2–5% across-the-board increases depending upon classification
  • 2% step increases for all classifications
  • Step-based equity increases for Dietitian and Sr. Dietitian classifications
  • 3–4% across-the-board increases depending upon classification
  • 2% step increases
  • Step-based equity increases for Clinical Lab Scientist, Cytologists and Speech Pathologists
  • Market-based step increases for Dietitians and Audiologists
  • Across-the-board increases ranging from 1%–9% depending on classification
  • 2% step increases for most classifications
UC San Diego
  • 2% salary range increases for all classifications
  • Additional increases/measures beyond the 2% ATB:
    • 5% for Sr. Audiologist & Sr. Speech Pathologist
    • 17.63% for Clinical Lab Scientist, Specialist, Per Diem
    • Establish Pharmacist Career ladder with increased step increases
    • Increased salary ranges for nuclear medical technicians
    • Increased step increases for Dietitians; equity adjustments for specific Dieticians
UC Irvine
  • 3% across-the-board increases
  • Approximate 2% step increases
  • Addition of Senior Dietitian title to bargaining unit
  • ATB equity increases for select titles:
    • Clinical Lab Scientists — 2%
    • Dietitian — 6%
    • Occupational Therapist — 2%
    • Clinical Social Worker — 2%
    • Case Manager — 2%