The University of California continued negotiations with UPTE May 2-3, 2013 for a new contract for research and technical staff.

During this two-day session, a tentative agreement was reached regarding military leave, and UC presented the union with proposals regarding shift differential pay and positions/appointments.

UPTE presented UC with a three-year package proposal that included the following:

Wages/other pay

  • Salary range adjustments of 6 percent per year
  • Annual merit increases of approximately 2 percent
  • Longevity increases of approximately 2 percent beginning at 15 years of service
  • Full reimbursement for certifications/licensures that are pre-requisites to working at UC

Retirement benefits

  • No changes to UC’s pension benefit or eligibility criteria
  • A 6.5 percent cap on employee contributions to UCRP, with UC to cover the balance
  • The requirement to meet and confer on changes to UC’s retirement and savings plans
  • Giving UPTE (or other union members) “full participant and voting rights” for UCRP

Health benefits

  • Establishment of a retiree healthcare trust fund with at least one UPTE member serving as a “full voting participant”
  • No changes to UC’s retiree healthcare eligibility formula
  • The requirement to meet and confer on any changes to health and welfare programs

UC will formally respond to the union’s proposals at a future bargaining meeting.

When asked to cost its proposals, UPTE complained that doing so would require the union to seek more information from the university and delay bargaining.

The next bargaining session is May 16-17, 2013 at UC Merced.