The University of California delivers excellence in patient care every day at its five medical centers and 11 student health centers. It is the fourth-largest health care delivery system in California, and is honored year after year as one of the best medical providers in the country.

UC’s 11,700 nurses are vital to providing that care, saving lives and improving the health of Californians. The university values our nurses and appreciates their service and dedication.

The university and the California Nurses Association began negotiations March 26-28, 2013 at UCLA for a new contract. During this first session, the union presented most of its initial proposals for review and consideration, and UC began presenting its proposals.

UC recognizes that providing competitive compensation and good working conditions is critical to retaining a strong team of nurses to deliver quality patient care.

To that end, UC’s goals as negotiations begins are:

  • Reaching a multi-year contract that covers all key issues and is fair to both the university and nurses
  • Continuing to provide competitive wages and benefits that reward nurses for their skills and hard work, and enables UC to recruit new nurses when needed
  • Preserving the excellent health care that UC’s medical centers and student health centers provide every day
  • Protecting the financial health of UC as a whole, which ensures the university has the ability to continue providing competitive pay and benefits including retirement benefits
  • Negotiating in a professional, thoughtful and efficient manner

The university is committed to reaching an agreement before the current contract expires June 30. UC will work hard to resolve differences respectfully at the bargaining table.

The next bargaining session is April 17-19, 2013 at UC Irvine Medical Center.

UC will provide regular bargaining updates after each meeting.