The University of California and UPTE continued negotiations April 8–9, 2013 for a new contract for research and technical staff.

During this two-day session, UC urged the union again to present the rest of its proposals so an agreement can be reached before the current contract expires June 30, 2013. UPTE passed three new proposals and one counterproposal, and the university and the union reached tentative agreement on non-discrimination in employment.

With more than 40 articles open for bargaining, UC has presented all but five of its proposals. The proposals it has already presented cover working conditions and key economic issues such as health and retirement benefits.

UPTE still has 16 articles, including retirement benefits, on which to present initial proposals. Because UPTE apparently objects to the university’s three alternatives on post-employment benefits, UC is eager to hear the union’s proposal on this issue which is integral to our mutual interest of preserving valuable retirement benefits for employees.

The university is committed to bargaining in an efficient, effective manner with the goal of finalizing a fair and equitable contract before the existing one expires this summer. A seamless transition will provide certainty for both employees and the university.

UC hopes UPTE shares this goal and looks forward to receiving the remaining proposals from the union.

The next bargaining session is May 2–3, 2013 at UC Irvine.