UC has begun negotiations with UPTE for a new contract covering more than 8,600 research and technical (RX/TX) employees.

On Jan. 24-25, 2013, the university and the union completed their third bargaining session since talks began in mid-December. So far, UC has presented 20 proposals and UPTE 18 proposals on contract terms dealing primarily with working conditions and non-economic issues.

The university plans to present information and a proposal on retiree health and pension benefits at the next bargaining session Feb. 4-6, 2013 in San Diego.

UPTE has indicated that it opposes UC's approach to post-employment benefits, which are part of a coordinated strategy to protect the financial health of these programs while still providing attractive benefits to our employees. These benefits already apply to the general UC employee population and many unionized employees. The university looks forward to discussing this proposal and hearing any viable alternatives the union may present, as long as they are consistent with the university's principles of financial feasibility and fairness across all employee groups.

UC is committed to bargaining in good faith with the goal of finalizing an agreement before the current contract expires June 30, 2013. Reaching a successor agreement before the current expiration date will provide certainty to both employees and the university, and can be achieved with the requisite diligence and efficiency.

The university's goals for these negotiations include:

  • Reaching a multi-year contract that provides stability for employees and the university, and addresses key issues such as wages, safe working conditions and retirement benefits;
  • Providing a fair total economic package that compensates staff for their hard work and dedication, and helps attract new employees as needed;
  • Conducting respectful negotiations that culminate in a fair agreement;
  • Achieving a responsible contract that protects the financial health and quality of the university.

For more information about the current contract, visit At Your Service at www.atyourservice.ucop.edu.