The University of California educates and nurtures the brightest minds, and pioneers life-changing innovations. UC’s more than 8,000 service workers provide essential custodial, dining, mail, transportation and other support services that help keep our campuses, laboratories and medical centers running smoothly and efficiently every day.

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UC and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) began initial negotiations for a new contract for service workers on Oct. 12, 2012 at UC Irvine. Bargaining continues Oct. 23-24 at UC Berkeley.

The current contract expires Jan. 31, 2013. The university hopes to reach agreement before that expiration date.

UC Bargaining Goals

The university aims to be an employer of choice. We understand that providing good working conditions and a competitive compensation package is key to recruiting and retaining our excellent staff.

UC's major goals for these negotiations include:

  • Reaching a multi-year contract that provides certainty and stability both for  service employees and the university;
  • Providing competitive wages and benefits that fairly compensate staff for their hard work and dedication, and allow UC to attract new talent as needed;
  • Conducting professional, respectful negotiations in a timely manner;
  • Negotiating a contract that addresses all key issues, including wages, health care benefits and post-employment benefits to preserve the long-term viability of the university's retirement programs;
  • Ensuring responsible decision-making that protects the financial health of UC and sustains the quality of the education, research and health care it delivers every day.

UC's Commitment to Constructive Negotiations and a Fair Contract

The university works hard to build effective, respectful relationships with the labor unions that represent its employees. UC bargains in good faith, and seeks to resolve differences professionally, fairly and efficiently.

UC is fully committed to conducting fair and efficient negotiations with AFSCME for a multi-year agreement that covers all key issues.