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Update on Zoom artificial intelligence features

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There have been several queries about Zoom’s recent updated terms of service pertaining to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in Zoom products. These changes currently DO NOT impact UC-hosted Zoom meetings. They also do not affect the Zoom UC-employee chat feature. 

The AI features have not been enabled in UC’s account, or in any higher education or K-12 customer accounts, as Zoom has stated it recognizes the need for further evaluation in the education space. UC is investigating options to mitigate impact to UC in the event Zoom enables AI features in Zoom EDU licenses in the future. 

Be aware

When joining non-UC hosted Zoom calls and when chatting with non-UC individuals through Zoom: 

  • Zoom’s generative AI features — ‘Zoom IQ Meeting Summary’ and ‘Zoom IQ Team Chat Compose’ — have been released as a free trial to some non-EDU customers, which offer automated meeting summaries and AI-powered chat composition. While the default setting for these AI features is OFF at the administrator level, an administrator can enable these AI features for their accounts (all users) and can choose to provide that content to Zoom for model training. 
  • Additionally, an individual user can change their own account settings at any time and can also disable this feature on their own. 

Zoom meetings

If you join a non-UC hosted Zoom meeting where the non-UC customer has enabled AI features, a pop-up message will appear upon joining the meeting. (Similar to the message when the host records a meeting.) 

If you see a pop-up message that “Meeting Summary” is enabled, UC users should ask the host to turn off the AI feature. If the host will not do so, you are urged to leave the meeting. 

Zoom chat

If you chat or open a chat channel with non-UC users through Zoom, you will receive a notice that informs you that the chat includes members outside UC, and that everyone in the chat and those with permission in their organization can see messages and attachments and can share them with others (depending on account settings). 

Regardless of whether AI features are enabled through chat, you are reminded NOT to share personal, confidential, or privileged information with non-UC users via Zoom chat or during meetings (absent entering into contractual terms that protect this information). 

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