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Preparing for retirement? New UCRAYS features are here to help

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July 24, 2023: This article has been updated to remove outdated reference documents. Please note that some processes have changed since it was originally published.

July 1 is a popular date to retire, and new UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) self-service features are available to make the process easier, even as service changes made necessary by California’s stay-at-home order continue. With help from UCRAYS, prospective retirees can communicate with the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) easily and securely — asking questions, submitting documents and even scheduling counseling appointments.

If you’re new to UCRAYS, check out these FAQs for more information about how to register and get started. Here are a few important features and how to use them if you’re preparing to retire. 

Retirement estimates

On your UCRAYS dashboard, go to “Retirement Estimates” and then “Create a Retirement Estimate.” You can create estimates based on your anticipated age at retirement, projected service credit and salary and contingent annuitant details.

Secure messages

To send a secure message, including attachments, through UCRAYS, just click on “Messages” in the left menu. You’ll receive a response in your UCRAYS inbox within two business days. Particularly helpful while RASC representatives are working remotely, prospective retirees can use this feature to start the retirement process and to stay in touch with the RASC every step of the way.

Document upload

Once you have received your Personal Retirement Profile (PRP), you will have a new option — to select Upload Documentation to submit your election worksheet in UCRAYS. As an alternative, you can fax the worksheet to the RASC, but this may delay the processing of your retirement. 

Retirement status tracker

Beginning April 13, members will be able to track the status of their retirement in UCRAYS, with information about actions they need to take, if any.

If you plan to retire on July 1, it’s recommended that you start the retirement process as early in April as possible. Using the UCRAYS features above, do your best to submit documents and reply to questions and requests from the RASC promptly to keep the process on track. Check out What to do if you’re preparing for retirement for background.

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