If you have a question or service issue that isn't addressed below, you can contact the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC):

  • By sending a secure message through your UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) account. You may send documents as secure message attachments or by fax to 1-800-792-5178.
  • By phone at 800-888-8267, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PT.

How to use UCRAYS

Features for retirees

Features for employees and prospective retirees


UCRAYS security

How to use UCRAYS

How do I register/log in to UCRAYS?

First-time users will see the following steps:

  1. Go to UCRAYS at retirementatyourservice.ucop.edu.
  2. At your first login, and after agreeing to UC's privacy statement and terms of use, you will be asked questions to confirm your identity.
  3. Create a new password for your UCRAYS account.
  4. If you’re using a computer or smartphone that is secure, register your trusted device. This can reduce the steps in the login process.
  5. Add your cell phone number and personal email address, if they’re not already on file.

Now, you’re ready to explore UCRAYS!

How can I retrieve my username and/or reset my password?

To retrieve your username: 

  • Click "Forgot Username" on the UCRAYS login screen.
  • You'll be asked for the last four digits of your SSN, your date of birth and your last name. 

To reset your password:

  • Enter your username on the UCRAYS login screen. 
  • On the next screen, click "Forgot Password?" 
  • You'll be asked to enter the last four digits of your SSN and your date of birth. 
  • To ensure the security of your account, you'll then be asked to answer a series of questions that are personal in nature and are likely ones that only you would be able to answer. This process is managed by a third-party vendor that specializes in identity verification.

I’m not able to register/log in to my UCRAYS account. What should I do?

It may be helpful to clear your browser’s cache/cookies/browsing history and open a new browsing session before you start your login or registration process – especially if you just received a one-time password. To find out how, search “clear browsing history” in your browser’s help bar.

If you’re still receiving an error message, please call the RASC at 800-888-8267. 

How can I send a secure message through UCRAYS?

Sending a secure message through UCRAYS is the safest, most efficient way to communicate with the RASC. To send a secure message, including attachments, through UCRAYS, just click on “Messages” in the left menu. Our goal is to respond within two business days.

How can I update my contact information and preferences?

In the upper left of the UCRAYS main menu, click “Edit Profile” and select “Address,” “Email & Phone” or “Communication Preferences.”


  1. On the Address page, click the address type (temporary, mailing or home) that needs to be updated, then enter the new address information. Please note: Medicare requires a physical address for enrollment. Please make sure to put your physical address in the home address field. If you have a PO Box that you would like to add, you may use the mailing address field. 
  2. After reviewing and confirming your address update, a confirmation will be sent to your email address on file.

Email & Phone

  1. On the Email & Phone page, enter your new email and/or cell phone information and click “Update Email/Phone.” A confirmation will be sent to your email address on file.
  2. Retirees: Check the Release checkbox if you consent to release your personal email to your UC retiree center.

Communication preferences

  1. On the Communication preferences page, update the delivery preference dropdown for each communication type – direct deposit advice, newsletters (New Dimensions) and other general information, and tax statements. When you’re finished, click “Update Communication Preferences.”
  2. You’ll see a confirmation of your changes, which will also be sent to your email address on file.

How can I add or update a beneficiary?

  1. On the UCRAYS main menu, click “Manage Contacts.”
  2. On the Manage Contacts page, click “Manage Beneficiaries.”
  3. On the Manage Beneficiaries page, click “Add/Edit Beneficiary.”
  4. On the Beneficiary Designation page, click “Add New Beneficiary.”
  5. Enter your new beneficiary’s information. If your new beneficiary is already an existing contact, you can select that person from the Existing Contact dropdown to automatically fill in their information. Click “Add New Beneficiary.”
  6. Repeat the process to add multiple beneficiaries. When you are finished, click “Next.”
  7. On the Beneficiary Designation page, specify whether each beneficiary is primary or secondary. You may enter a percentage share amount or check “Equal Share” to evenly distribute shares among your beneficiaries. When you are finished, click “Next.”
  8. Review and confirm your beneficiary designations. A confirmation will be sent to your email address on file.

Features for retirees

How can I verify my pension income?

  1. On the left side of the home page, under “My Accounts,” go to “Benefit Payments & Taxes,” and then click “Request Verification of Income.”
  2. In moments, you will receive an email that an official verification letter is available in your UCRAYS accounts. (Click “Messages” on your UCRAYS page) 

How can I view and download my tax statements (1099-R)?

  1. Go to “Edit Profile” then to “Communications Preferences.”
  2. Under “Tax Statements,” choose “UCRAYS.” 

How can I request my 1099-R electronically, instead of by U.S. mail, next year?

  1. Go to “Edit Profile” then to “Communications Preferences.”
  2. Under “Tax Statements,” choose “UCRAYS.” 

How can I estimate my retirement benefit income?

  1. Go to “Benefit Payments & Taxes” and then to the “Net Payment Estimator.”
  2. You can create up to three benefit income models based on estimated gross payment, Federal and California state tax withholding and additional deduction details.

How can I view or adjust my tax withholding?

  1. On the UCRAYS main menu, click “Benefit Payment Details.”
  2. On the Benefit Payment & Taxes page, click “View/Change Tax Withholding.”
  3. On the Tax Withholding page, you’ll see your current federal and state tax withholding elections and have the option to make changes. When you’re finished, click “Update Tax Withholding.”
  4. Review your changes, check the certification checkbox, and click “Confirm”.
  5. Your confirmation will include the effective payment date of your tax withholding changes.

How can I enroll in, change or cancel direct deposit?

  1. Select "My Account" on the left side menu.
  2. Click "Benefit Payment & Taxes" and follow the instructions.

Features for employees and prospective retirees

How can I estimate the income I can expect in retirement?

  1. Go to “Retirement Estimates” and then “Create a Retirement Estimate.”
  2. You can create estimates based on your anticipated age at retirement, projected service credit and salary and contingent annuitant details.

How can I use UCRAYS to help me through the retirement process?

UCRP members can initiate and process their retirements electronically through UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) by following the steps in What to do if you're preparing for retirement

Here are a few other UCRAYS features that will help you through the retirement process:

  • Secure messages: Stay in touch with the RASC every step of the way.
  • Upload documentation: Once you have received your Personal Retirement Profile (PRP), you will see “Upload Documentation” in the left menu. Select “Upload Documentation” to submit – securely and efficiently – all of the documents required for your retirement.
  • Retirement application progress tracker: As soon as you have successfully initiated your retirement, you’ll see the retirement application progress tracker on your UCRAYS dashboard. The tracker will show you where you are in the process, and highlight any actions you need to take.


What is UCRAYS?

UCRAYS, which replaced At Your Service Online (AYSO) for retirement-related services, is a secure website that offers greater access to UC retirement information and more ways to view and manage retirement information in a user-friendly format. Most importantly, it includes enhanced security features, ensuring UC is following best practices for keeping your retirement information secure.

Why did UC need a new system to manage Retiree Benefits?

The UC Retirement Plan has grown substantially over the years. It now serves more than 130,000 active faculty and staff members and over 77,000 benefit recipients and more than 93,000 inactive/former members with membership spanning multiple retirement tiers. New technology will allow the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) to more effectively manage service levels, introduce greater efficiency, and in the future, introduce additional lines of communication to support members.

What can retirees do on UCRAYS?

In addition to increased security, UCRAYS offers retirees the ability to:

  • Send and receive secure messages, with attachments if needed, to the RASC
  • View benefit statements and tax statements
  • View and update beneficiary designations
  • Update tax withholdings
  • Upload documents
  • Manage insurance allotments
  • Enroll for health and welfare benefits during open enrollment
  • Estimate net payments
  • Report a death
  • Provide email information to Retiree Centers
  • Request verification of pension information
  • Update contact information, and more

What can active faculty and staff members do in UCRAYS?

In addition to increased security, UCRAYS offers faculty and staff the ability to:

  • Send and receive secure messages, with attachments if needed, to the RASC
  • View service credit and UCRP/CAP contribution balances
  • View and update beneficiary designations
  • Estimate retirement and/or disability income
  • Initiate and process your retirement

UCRAYS security

UCRAYS uses “Multi-Factor Authentication” (MFA). Why?

MFA — requiring more than one piece of evidence to verify your identity — has become industry best practice because it provides an extra layer of protection for your accounts. If we have your personal cell phone number, each time you log on, we will send a one-time code during your login to UCRAYS. If you do online banking or access your Social Security account online, you may be familiar with receiving a numerical code by text. Unless a Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) representative is talking to you directly, we will no longer send temporary passwords or a one-time code to you by email. Also, we will never ask for your password via email, call or text. These changes are important in our ongoing effort to keep your personal information and UC retirement account secure.

Will UC ask for my one-time code?

You will never receive a call, text, or email from UC to ask for your one-time code. The one-time code is part of the log in process that you will enter in the UCRAYS website.

When I first log in to UCRAYS or create a new UCRAYS account, what questions will I be asked?

You may be asked questions for security to confirm your identity.

How do I update my cell phone number?

Once you log in to UCRAYS, go to the “Edit Profile” menu and select “Email & Phone” to update your cell phone number.

What does it mean to register my computer/mobile device?

If you are logging into UCRAYS on a trusted personal computer/mobile device, you may register it as a secure device. Whenever you log into UCRAYS from your registered device, you will only need to enter your username and password. You can register multiple devices. You should never register a public computer.