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New options for prospective retirees

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UC faculty and staff deserve a smooth transition to retirement, free from worry about whether their benefits will be paid on schedule. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to predict how long the retirement process will take.

A lapse in pay between an employee’s final UC paycheck and their first well-deserved retirement benefit check can be a real problem. So we’re excited to be able to offer something new – a guarantee of no lapse in pay for prospective retirees who qualify.

The “no lapse in pay” option

UC employees who are on schedule to retire with a monthly benefit on July 1 will have the opportunity to opt-in for a guaranteed payment beginning August 1. The request to opt-in, along with a signed election and all required documents, must be submitted by May 14, 2021.

How it works

The UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) will let prospective retirees know if their request is approved within a week or so of receiving it. This option is designed for routine July 1 retirements; the request will not be approved for those who are opting for a lump sum cashout, or who have circumstances that can make the retirement process take longer (such as reciprocity with CalPERS or UCRP service credit in more than one retirement tier).

As always, RASC representatives will do their best to process retirements within 45 days, and to provide a monthly benefit payment on Aug. 1 for retirees who submit all required paperwork by the stated deadlines.

If RASC isn’t able to calculate the confirmed benefit amount in time, retirees who are approved for “no lapse in pay” will receive a payment for their estimated retirement benefit instead. Health and welfare coverage will continue without interruption during the transition.

If there are differences between the estimated benefit and the confirmed amount, the retiree’s benefit payment and premium deductions will be adjusted by the October 1 payment.


If you’re planning for a July 1 retirement, the RASC offers two helpful webinars covering everything you need to know – including details about the ‘no lapse in pay’ option:

  • Preparing for Retirement, for UCRP members who are planning to retire within the next five years, covers topics such as understanding UCRP pension benefits, retirement savings and retiree health coverage. 
  • The UC Retirement Process – Step by Step, for UCRP members who are planning to retire within the next 4-12 months, explains everything you need to know about the retirement process, including required forms, important deadlines and helpful resources.

UCRP members can initiate and process their retirements electronically through UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) by following the steps in What to do if you’re preparing for retirement.

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