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This has been a year of many challenges — the pandemic, political and racial turmoil, natural disasters and more. Our community has come together and demonstrated resilience — but doing so is a skill set that can always use some nurturing. That’s why staff at many UC locations have built and compiled tools, articles and videos for promoting resilience during this trying time. Let’s stay stronger together. 

Need a little more support? All UC health plans offer behavioral health benefits — including telehealth services. And, free counseling is available to all staff through local Faculty and Staff Assistance Programs.

UC Resources for building resilience

A COVID state of mind, UC Santa Barbara

Access and build your resilience, UC Berkeley International Office

Coping with the stress of COVID-19, UC Irvine Health

Coping methods for stress, UC Merced

Guided meditations, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Live mindfulness sessions, Center for Mindfulness, UC San Diego Health

Managing stress during COVID-19, UC Irvine Counseling Center

Mental health care package, UC Riverside

Mindfulness practices for clinicians, UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

November 2020 happiness calendar, UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center

Plant a resilience garden, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, The Real Dirt Blog

Resources to support your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak and climate crises, UCSF

Radical Resilience Training Program, UC Santa Cruz

Stories of resilience during the pandemic, UC Irvine

Stress resilience resources for faculty and staff, Healthy Davis

Work-life resources (see COVID-19 section), UC Santa Barbara


5 tips to protect your mental health during coronavirus crisis, UC San Diego Health

COVID-19 mindfulness resources, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Resilience and emotional well-being video series, UCSF

UC Davis LIVE: Coronavirus edition, stress and resilience

Mindfulness in the times of stress, UCI Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

To add more resources that all UC community members can access free of charge, please email our editors at ucnetwork@universityofcalifornia.edu.


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