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From President Drake: Keeping our community safe

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Safety is a fundamental characteristic of a healthy and productive workplace. We need strong security protocols and policies in place to keep UC employees, students, patients, and visitors safe. We want everyone on our campuses to feel safe and respected as well. 

This has been a guiding principle behind our work on the University of California’s Community Safety Plan. That principle bears repeating in the context of a statewide uptick in property and violent crimes – some of which have affected our own campus communities. I want you to know that this is on my mind and on the minds of leaders across the university. We are working together with UC police departments, community partners, and others to respond and fortify the practices we have in place to ensure a safe campus community for all.

I am particularly grateful for the efforts of the university’s first systemwide director of community safety, Jody Stiger, who’s been working diligently on these issues in collaboration with our campus police chiefs, sworn officers, and security staff.

Together, they are looking at improvements to keep our communities secure, such as hiring more non-sworn community safety personnel to help spot problems on or near our campuses. They are also making innovative use of data to identify which areas of our campuses need the most help in shoring up security, and what kind of approaches are most effective. They are looking at simple changes, too, like installing more lighting and ensuring that campus security phone systems are working well and are appropriately located. They are doing this while working actively to implement a more service-oriented, community-centric approach to campus safety.

We will continue to do all we can to ensure the safety of our staff, faculty, students, patients, and visitors. We appreciate your input, vigilance, and help in these efforts, and we wish you a safe and peaceful summer.

Fiat Lux!

Michael V. Drake, M.D.
University of California

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