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Are you on track for retirement? Get answers with your 2021 Retirement Review

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Your 2021 Retirement Review statement is waiting for you at myUCretirement.com, the UC retirement benefits website.

Your Retirement Review is a personalized statement that provides a snapshot of the retirement income you are on track to receive from your UC retirement benefits if you continue to work for UC and retire at age 65.  It contains two key metrics:

  • An estimate of your potential monthly income in retirement, plus
  • A readiness score that lets you quickly see how you are doing towards your retirement income goal

About your estimated potential monthly retirement income

The Retirement Review estimates your potential monthly retirement income based on your current benefits, balances, and savings amounts, plus a few assumptions about how your benefits may grow over time. It takes into account your:

Your Retirement Review is interactive, allowing you to personalize your score by updating your retirement age or factoring in additional sources of income such as Social Security, other savings, or your spouse or partner’s retirement assets. You can also model how additional savings could help you reach your retirement income goals, and, if you choose (and subject to IRS limits), add or change your voluntary contributions.

You can learn more about how the Retirement Review works on myUCretirement.com. While you’re there, take some time to explore the many resources available, including the option to sign up for classes, webinars and personal retirement planning. 

For questions about the Retirement Review, please call Fidelity at 800-558-9182.

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