The University of California’s comprehensive medical benefits encompass the broad needs of our diverse workforce to keep our employees, retirees and their family members healthy. 

Nearly all of UC’s medical plans offer benefits for the health care needs of transgender and nonbinary faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars. For details, see:

Understanding your health plan's policies and benefits

Your health plan is required to follow approved clinical guidelines for care — recommendations based on evidence from published medical literature — and to make those guidelines and policies available to members. Here are some tips for finding your health plan’s guidelines and policies for offering transgender health benefits, and for getting the help you need.


Provider and policy and contact info


UC Care

UC Health Savings Plan


Anthem Blue Cross

  • Anthem Medical Policies & Clinical UM Guidelines: Search for "gender affirming surgery"
  • Anthem Health Guide: (844) 437-0486, Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. (PT)
  • Dedicated transgender services line: (855) 484-4930
  • Behavioral Health Resource Center: (844) 792-5141

Kaiser HMO


Kaiser Permanente

UC Blue & Gold

Health Net