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trout Nearly half of California’s salmon, trout on track to become extinct. But the trend can be reversed. Campus
UCSD's Kirill Levchenko
Researchers find computer code that Volkswagen used to cheat emissions tests

International team led by a UC San Diego computer scientist uncovered the system inside cars’ onboard computers. 

Ultimate sunscreen
UC San Diego team creates the ultimate natural sunscreen

The chemists have developed nanoparticles that mimic the behavior of natural melanin-producing cell structures that protect our skin, eyes and other tissues from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Emily Lin of UC Merced
UC Merced to digitize AIDS historical archives

The archives tell the story of the early days of the AIDS epidemic in the San Francisco Bay Area, including how community groups and the medical community mobilized to help combat the disease.

UC Santa Cruz genetics lab helps solve the mystery of 'Miranda Eve'

Specialists and volunteers worked together to identify the remains of the 19th century child whose casket was discovered in a San Francisco neighborhood.

UC Berkeley assistant professor of psychology Jason Okonofua
Tackling the ‘black troublemaker’ school stereotype

A UC Berkeley psychologist is working with Google to combat knee-jerk suspensions of African American teens.