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David Hirsch, UCLA librarian
Librarian builds a Middle East library collection that few universities can match

UCLA Librarian David Hirsch, who is proficient in six languages and has traveled to six continents, scours the world for valuable materials to add to the campus's extensive, eclectic collection.

Why pandas are black and white

After uncovering why zebras have black-and-white stripes (to repel biting flies), UC Davis scientists took the coloration question to giant pandas.

healthy food
How healthy eating could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

According to a new study led by UC Santa Barbara researchers, good dietary choices could improve the health care system and even benefit the planet. 

solar eclipse
Help scientists memorialize the next solar eclipse in a "megamovie"

UC Berkeley and Google are looking for citizen scientists to document and memorialize the August event, and help scientists learn about the sun in the process.