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Berkeley Lab staffers Steve Wilson, LaTonja Wright and Edson Okwelum. Three stories to mark Black History Month People
Senior woman chemotherapy
Scalp cooling can help some breast cancer patients retain hair

Scalp cooling can lessen some chemotherapy-induced hair loss in certain breast cancer patients, according to a new multicenter study from UCSF, Weill Cornell Medicine and three other medical centers.

Aomawa Shields
Astrobiology's rising star

Aomawa Shields, UCLA postdoctoral fellow and new UC Irvine assistant professor, studies the climate on distant planets to find those most likely to host alien life.

UCSD engineers and robotic system
The operating room of the future

The robotics technologies in Michael Yip’s UC San Diego lab are all inspired by a common goal: to augment the capabilities of surgeons.

brain and exercise
Your brain on exercise

Physical activity gives your brain a boost, but can it enhance your vision? Research by UC Santa Barbara psychologists Barry Giesbrecht and Tom Bullock suggests that it can.

Phyllis the seal with her pup
The mighty Phyllis returns after record-shattering swim

An elephant seal monitored by UC Santa Cruz researchers swam about 7,400 miles, longer than any elephant seal recorded over two decades — then she gave birth to a baby boy.

Breast scan
‘Dense breasts’ eclipse all other known breast cancer risk factors

Women whose breasts are composed largely of glandular tissue, rather than fat, have an amplified risk of breast cancer, which exceeds the impact of other widely known risks on a population level, say UCSF researchers.