Feb. 26, 2024: This announcement has been revised with updated hyperlinks and contact information.

Faculty, staff and retirees across UC have access to Farmers home and auto insurance. The relationship between University of California Partnership Programs (UC Partnership Programs) and Farmers Insurance began in 2020, expanding as of June 1, 2022, to all UC campuses.

To learn more and get a quote for auto or home insurance through Farmers, call 866-700-3113 or visit the UC Partnership Programs webpage.

If you are a legacy UC California Casualty policyholder and you would like to continue your existing coverage and payroll deductions, you do not need to take any action. 

UC Partnership Programs creates relationships that are customized to meet the goals and needs of partners and individual UC locations. For example, locations may benefit from preferred products, services and pricing to UC community members; commitment to hiring UC graduates; support of student internships, work-study programs, and scholarships; and other campuswide or systemwide initiatives.