Kate Klimow, departing staff advisor to the UC Regents, has simple advice for anyone who is intrigued by the role: “Apply. You don’t need to have years of experience, or be at a certain level, to serve as staff advisor to the Regents. UC staff — and the roles we play — are incredibly diverse. If you’re interested in bringing your perspective and your experiences to the table, UC needs you — and the experience will be more enriching than you can imagine.”

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Applications for the position of staff advisor to the Regents are once again open for non-represented and represented staff or non-Senate academic employees who have at least five years of UC service, offering a unique opportunity to represent staff on issues faced by the board. The application period ends April 3, 2020, for a two-year term that runs from July 2020 to June 2022.

You can learn more about the program and how to apply by April 3 on the staff advisor website.

Cheryl Lloyd, acting vice president of Systemwide Human Resources and Chief Risk Officer, couldn’t agree more with Klimow’s advice. “UC staff are the engine of the university. Staff advisors bring their voices to the table – and the Regents listen. If you’re up for the challenge, your service as staff advisor can have a real impact on UC’s future.”

Kate Klimow, outgoing staff advisor to the Regents and chief administrative officer and director of External Relations at UC Irvine Beall Applied Innovation, served alongside her former colleague Sherry Main as staff advisor designate. “I went into this role with an open mind, ready to serve however I was needed. I’m leaving with a window into how all of the pieces fit together, and with a profound appreciation for how much care and commitment people throughout the system bring to their work at UC. It’s not ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Staff, faculty, students and the Regents — we’re all working together for this special place that is the University of California.”

Staff advisors participate in open sessions and designated committees of the board of Regents, representing their fellow employees in UC Board of Regents deliberations and to decision-makers at the Office of the President. Staff advisors serve as non-voting members of designated Regents' committees; they attend and participate directly in committee and board meetings throughout their term of service, and visit many of the campuses to solicit input from staff.

Klimow serves as staff advisor alongside Ann Jeffrey, UC Berkeley assistant vice chancellor and chief of staff. Jeffrey’s term continues through June 2021. The UC Board of Regents established the staff advisor position in 2007.

If you have questions about the staff advisor position or the application process, you can contact Juliann Martinez, UC Office of the President Systemwide Employee Relations, at 510-287-3331 or via email: Juliann.Martinez@ucop.edu.