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UC-UAW agree to combine ASE-GSR bargaining units

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The University and the United Auto Workers (UAW) have reached an agreement to merge the Academic Student Employees (ASE) and Graduate Student Researchers (GSR) bargaining units. The existing contract agreements for ASEs and GSRs will remain unchanged when this modification takes effect on January 1, 2024.

Below are answers to common questions about the merger.

Why are these units being combined?

  • The two units are being merged at the request of the UAW. The merger allows ASEs and GSRs to choose one UAW bargaining team to negotiate future contracts instead of having separate bargaining teams for each unit, along with the University, simplifying bargaining.

Does the merger change anything now?

  • No. The merger does not affect the daily operations or administration of the existing GSR and ASE contracts. UC and the UAW will negotiate the details of merging the units during the next round of bargaining in 2025.

Will campuses or locations need to do anything differently because of this merger?

  • No, campuses or locations do not need to change anything. The existing ASE and GSR contracts will remain in effect until bargaining concludes in 2025.

Throughout 2024, we will continue to meet with the union to work together to solve issues impacting ASEs and GSRs. Your contributions to the University’s educational and research endeavors are highly valued and appreciated.