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UC offers higher pay and improved benefits for Graduate Student Researchers

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Recently, UC submitted an economic proposal to the United Auto Workers union as part of a new multi-year contract for Graduate Student Researchers. UC and the UAW are collaborating to set appropriate standards for this new bargaining unit. Tentative agreements have been reached on articles regarding health and safety, holidays, Union Security, Grievance and Arbitration, and Respectful Work Environments.

Highlights of the proposal include:

Increased Wages:

  • UC has proposed dropping the bottom two salary points of the salary scale, which results in 17% to 26% increases for the GSRs currently on the two bottom salary points.
  • The UC offer is to increase the current minimum GSR salary scale by 6% and the increments between salary points will be set at 7%, which means that GSRs on Table 22 will receive a salary scale increase of between 5%-26%, with the majority of the bargaining unit receiving 9%-10% increases in year one of the contract, with a 3% increase in each subsequent year, with base building in year one.

Benefits and family support: 

  • UC is offering to increase childcare reimbursement by $750 per year, with an additional increase in childcare reimbursement for those eligible GSRs working during the summer.
  • As part of the economic package, the offer for paid pregnancy leave is eight weeks and paid personal medical leave/baby bonding/care for family members is proposed at five weeks.
  • The University has proposed to increase the amount of campus fee remission for qualified GSR appointments from $100/quarter and $150/semester to cover 100% of campus fees. This represents an increase of over $1,000 per year on certain campuses. This is in addition to the proposal UC passed previously that requires100% remission of tuition, student services fees, and healthcare for qualified GSR appointments.

NEXT BARGAINING SESSION: UC and the UAW are scheduled to meet again this week, and UC remains committed to reaching an agreement as soon as possible. 

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress, and as always, thank you for your many contributions to our instructional mission and the UC community.