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Negotiations underway for contract for Professional Librarians

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The University recently began negotiations with the UC-American Federation of Teachers (AFT) for a new contract for you and your professional librarian colleagues. We recognize and appreciate the expertise you bring to UC, creating world-class academic, scientific, and medical libraries.

We approach negotiations with the following principles: advancing UC’s mission, strengthening union partnerships, promoting operational excellence, building an aligned workforce strategy, and enhancing UC’s ability to recruit and retain employees. 

Our overarching goal is a multi-year agreement reflecting professional librarians’ many contributions to research and education at UC. Priorities include:

  • Fair and competitive pay: We are committed to ensuring you are compensated fairly for your work and the important role you play. We review compensation data at comparable universities to inform pay rates for professional librarians.
  • Quality healthcare and retirement benefits:We offer comprehensive health and family-friendly benefits, including excellent retirement benefits.
  • Long-term stability:A multi-year contract that provides stability for you and the university.
  • Good-faith, efficient negotiations: We believe negotiations are most successful when both sides come to the table with an open mind, a genuine willingness to listen and be flexible, and a good-faith commitment to productive, respectful negotiations.
  • Regular updates: Keeping you informed throughout the negotiations is essential. We will send you regular updates as the negotiations progress.

During the initial bargaining session on November 9, both UC and the UC-AFT presented their opening proposals, shared their priorities, and discussed the bargaining schedule.

Our next bargaining session is planned for December 4. We will provide you with an update after the meeting.

Thank you for your valuable contributions towards the success of the University’s education and research mission, as well as our students and faculty.