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Letter to UC librarians regarding tentative agreement with UC-AFT on new five-year contract

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Dear colleague:
I am pleased to inform you that UC and the UC-AFT have reached a tentative agreement on a new multi-year contract for UC’s more than 350 librarians. We believe this agreement reflects the important role librarians play in our academic mission.
Union members are expected to vote on the tentative agreement within the next couple of weeks. Once ratified, the contract will run through March 2024.
Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Pay: The new agreement calls for steadily increasing librarians’ salaries over the next several years as follows in order to bring their pay to market:
    — A 3% range adjustment plus market based increases to support the university’s recruitment and retention efforts;
    — Annual range adjustments, effective July 1, 2019-2023.
  • Health benefits: Excellent medical, dental and vision care at the same rates as other UC employees with similar salaries.
  • Retirement benefits: Newly hired librarians will participate in UC’s Retirement Choice Program, which allows employees to choose between UC’s traditional pension plan and a 401(k)-style plan. Under the choice program, UC retirement benefits are among the most generous in the market.
  • Professional development: Each librarian will be guaranteed a minimum amount of annual funding for professional development. Campuses may allocate more than the minimum funding as resources allow.

The issues in these negotiations were complex, but the university and the union worked diligently and collaboratively to reach these terms.
As always, thank you for yourmany contributions to the university and the people we serve.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local labor relations, library human resources, or academic personnel office.
Dwaine B. Duckett
Vice President
UC Systemwide Human Resources