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Letter to academic researchers

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Dear colleague:
I’m writing to update you on negotiations with your union, the United Auto Workers 5810, regarding a new contract covering you and your academic research colleagues.
UC has been meeting regularly and working in good faith with the UAW since negotiations began in mid-May, and we are making good progress. UC has presented the union with numerous proposals covering a wide variety of issues, and we have already reached agreement on 22 subjects.
You may be assured that UC is continuing to work hard on its side of the bargaining table to reach a fair contract as quickly as possible that, among other things, recognizes the important role you and your colleagues play in supporting UC’s academic mission. Since this is a brand new contract, an agreement takes some time as we do not have a prior bargaining agreement to work from, and considerable thought and discussion are required to work through the range of issues involved and develop contract language that both sides are comfortable with.
Lastly, we’ve learned the UAW is asking members to vote to give union leaders the ability to call a strike in the future. It is important you understand that a strike before completing the full, legally prescribed negotiation process, including state-assisted mediation and fact-finding procedures, is presumed to be an unlawful strike. Striking is serious, and we hope the union would only consider it as a last resort.
As always, thank you for your many contributions to the university’s academic mission and the people we serve.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local labor relations or academic personnel office.
Peter Chester
Executive Director
UC Systemwide Labor Relations