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January 15, 2020


Dear colleague:

I am writing to update you on our negotiations with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and our efforts to achieve a fair contract with your union.

UC has been bargaining in good faith with AFSCME for the past two and a half years. Throughout negotiations, we have offered guaranteed pay increases and excellent benefits to AFSCME members that address the concerns raised by the union. We believe our latest offer is very fair, and that the general pay increases and benefits we are offering AFSCME members are consistent with what other employees — represented and non-represented — receive. We think you should have the chance to vote on it.

Here is a summary of our current offer to AFSCME leaders for service employees:


·     An immediate 3% increase plus one step increase upon a signed contract

·     Annual 3% across-the-board increases in years 2020-23

·     Annual 2% step increases in years 2020-24

·     A one-time payment of $500 for all eligible full-time employees upon a signed contract (payments for part-time employees will be pro-rated)

·     A one-time payment of $750 in July 2021 for employees with 25 years of service

Health benefits

UC’s quality health and welfare benefits at current rates. Employees will receive a one-time payment of $500 to help offset employee premium costs. UC’s salary-based approach to health insurance means lower-paid employees pay lower premiums.


UC’s contracts with AFSCME already provide significant protections against job losses — UC cannot lay off any AFSCME-represented employee due to a subcontracting decision, or use contractors for bargaining unit work for the sole purpose of saving money on employee wages and benefits. In addition, during this week’s negotiations UC and AFSCME reached a tentative agreement on terms that will make it easier for eligible contract workers to convert to UC employees.

UC and AFSCME made a lot of progress at the bargaining table this week, and we have asked AFSCME to meet again as quickly as possible to resolve the final issues. We hope you take the time to consider our offer, and we urge AFSCME leaders to allow you and your fellow members to vote on it. You have waited too long for the raises you deserve.

I want to thank you for all you do for UC. You play an important role in the UC community and we value your commitment to the university and the people we collectively serve.



Peter Chester
Executive Director
UC Systemwide Labor Relations