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Bargaining update for Service and Patient Care Technical Employees

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You deserve a contract too!

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UC recently reached an agreement with UPTE that guarantees pay increases and good benefits for UPTE-represented employees for the next five years. Here are highlights of the agreement:


Healthcare Professionals

Research/Technical Professionals


20% across-the-board increases: 5% at ratification + 3%/yr. for 5 years starting July 2020.

22% across-the-board increases: 3% at ratification and in Jan. 2020, + 3%/yr. for 5 yrs. starting July 2020 (3.5% in years 2021/2023).

Health Benefits

The same rates as other employees, plus a $25 cap on increases for Kaiser and Health Net Blue & Gold plans.

Retirement Benefits

New employees will receive the same excellent pension benefits as current employees.

UC gives AFSCME another offer; similar to UPTE deal

UC recently gave AFSCME another offer that, like the recent agreement with UPTE, includes guaranteed wage increases and excellent benefits for the next five years. Highlights of UC’s offer:


UC offer


Service: 23% across-the-board increases over the next five years + step increases in certain years as follows: 4% at ratification + 3-3.5%/yr. for next 5 yrs. starting January 2020. Performance-based step increases in July 2022 and July 2024. The total value with steps is 27%.

PCT: 18% across-the-board increase over the next five years + annual step increases as follows: 3% at ratification + 3%/yr. for next 5 yrs. starting April 2020. Annual performance/experience-based step increases starting July 2020. The total value is up to 28%.

Shift Differential

 Increase the shift differential to a minimum of an additional $1.00 per hour.

Retirement Benefits

New bargaining unit employees will receive the same pension benefits as current AFSCME-represented employees.


Retraining if a job in the same department can be learned in 3 months.


Work authorization protections.

Health Benefits

The same graduated salary-based rates as other employees, plus a $25 cap on increases for Kaiser and Health Net Blue & Gold plans.

Job opportunities

Eligible part-time employees can apply for jobs with more hours per week before external applicants.

More training and assistance for service employees to build skills and be eligible for higher-paying jobs.


Additional limits on UC subcontracting.

You have waited too long for a contract and the raises you deserve. An agreement requires compromise from both sides and it’s time for AFSCME leaders to do their part.

You deserve a contract — and a VOTE on UC’s offer!