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Bargaining update for lecturers

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Dear Colleague:

I write to update you on the University’s efforts to reach an agreement with the UC-AFT on a new contract for you and your colleagues.

We most recently met with UC-AFT leaders on Friday, October 22, to discuss and answer questions about the University’s October 11 comprehensive package proposal. This proposal is designed to address union-priority issues, including Lecturer compensation, job stability, and workload. This meeting also provided an opportunity for union leadership to bring forward any responses or alternatives they had to our offer in the form of a counter-proposal.

Unfortunately, union leadership did not present a counter-proposal during the October 22 meeting. Therefore, the University offered six additional bargaining dates between October 22 and November 10 to continue our negotiations and allow the union leadership additional opportunities to provide counter-proposals. As of today, the union has chosen November 8 and November 10 for additional bargaining sessions.

We highly value your hard work, dedication, and commitment to the University community. We believe our offer addresses the key issues that have been raised in recognition of the valuable role you play in educating our students.

We look forward to meeting with union leadership again next week. We are open to discussing counter proposals if offered. We also believe an agreement is long overdue and that you and your colleagues deserve the opportunity to vote on the current proposal.

The University will continue working to achieve a contract that, as reflected in our current proposal, increases Lecturer pay, strengthens job security, and addresses workload issues. We stand ready to meet with and engage with the union leadership. We will continue to keep you informed about our efforts.

Kind Regards,

Letitia Silas
Executive Director
Systemwide Labor Relations