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Bargaining update for lecturers

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Dear Colleague:

I’m writing to provide you another update about our ongoing negotiations with the UC-AFT for a new contract for you and your colleagues, which we believe is long overdue. I also want to share with you the university’s views about the union’s announced two-day strike for November 17-18.

Regarding contract negotiations, we’ve met with union leaders a number of times since giving them our comprehensive proposal in October. We met with the union again earlier today, and offered additional improvements to our October proposal — below is a summary of our enhanced offer.

We believe you and your bargaining unit colleagues deserve a contract and the opportunity to vote on what we think is an excellent proposal — one that responds to the union’s stated priorities and recognizes the essential role you and your colleagues play in educating our students. In response to the union’s feedback on and counteroffers to our October proposal, we have now proposed the following enhancements: 


We understand that the cost of living in California is high, and we are proud that UC has a longstanding tradition of compensating our lecturers better than the vast majority of U.S. universities.

Last month, we offered a variety of pay increases that would result in many bargaining unit faculty receiving 4.5-5.5% increases within the first year of the contract and annual wage increases of 3% in subsequent years. We also offered Continuing Lecturers a total 12% pay increase when they are promoted to Senior Continuing Lecturer, which would be in addition to the 6% or greater merit pay increases they presently receive every three years.

We are now offering the following enhancements to our October compensation proposal:

  • All bargaining unit members would receive a pay increase of at least 6% sixty days following contract ratification. This increase would be in addition to the average 1.3% pay increase bargaining unit members would receive due to the transition to a salary scale;
  • 3.5% pay increases for all bargaining unit members in the final year of the contract, instead of the 3% increase we previously offered.

Employment stability

We understand that job stability is a major concern for lecturers, especially Pre-Six Lecturers. In our October proposal, we offered a new appointment structure that would significantly enhance job stability for Pre-Six Lecturers, and included the following:

  • Guaranteed multi-year term appointments following the initial year, with the same appointment percentage in each term year;
  • Guaranteed academic reviews at the end of the appointment for all Pre-Six Lecturers on two-year or three-year appointments;
  • Allowing Pre-Six Lecturers to count Summer Session courses toward eligibility for a Continuing Appointment under certain circumstances, thus advancing the timeline under which a Pre-Six Lecturer may achieve Continuing Lecturer status.

We are now offering the following additional enhancements regarding appointments:

  • New contract language that encourages department chairs to consider part-time lecturers for additional assignments before recruiting external candidates;
  • New contract language to ensure higher-paid lecturers are not replaced with lower-paid lecturers;
  • Written feedback for Pre-Six Lecturers after their initial appointment.


We have also listened carefully to concerns about workload. In our October proposal we offered greater transparency, fair assessment of workload assignments, and the willingness to create a labor-management committee to address workload issues. In response to the union’s demand for greater clarity about Instructional Workload Credits (IWCs), we are now proposing new contract language that clarifies how IWCs are determined.

Pay for family care and bonding

In addition to the many family-friendly benefits UC already offers, to better support bargaining unit faculty who need to take time off from work for family care or baby bonding, and in response to union concerns, the university is proposing four (4) weeks of leave at 100% of pay for all bargaining unit members, including for those members who may not be eligible for Family Medical Leave.

UC response to the union’s Nov. 17-18 strike and allegations of unfair labor practices

As you may know, union leaders have announced their intention to conduct a two-day systemwide strike November 17-18, alleging UC has committed unfair labor practices. The union’s claims about unfair labor practices by UC are not supported by the facts, nor any finding by the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), and withholding instruction from our students is unfair to them.

We’ve been bargaining tirelessly and in good faith with the UC-AFT for two and a half years. Throughout the negotiations UC has listened and been responsive to the union’s concerns, particularly its priority issues of compensation, job stability and workload. We believe we’ve given the union an excellent proposal, and that you and your colleagues deserve the opportunity to vote on it. It’s past time for an agreement.

I want to reiterate that the university deeply values the critical role you and your colleagues play in teaching our students and advancing UC’s instructional mission. We will continue to work to achieve a fair contract as quickly as possible, and we will keep you informed of our efforts.

Kind Regards,

Letitia Silas
Executive Director
Systemwide Labor Relations