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UCRAYS launch delayed until fall

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Update, Sept. 27, 2019: UC’s new retirement website has launched


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The launch of UC’s enhanced retirement site, UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS), initially scheduled for this summer, has been delayed until fall. Announcements will be shared on At Your Service Online (AYSO) and UCnet as soon as UCRAYS launches, with information about UCRAYS’ self-service tools and security features.

UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) contributions, interest and transactions have continued to post to employees’ account without interruption during the transition from AYSO to UCRAYS. Unfortunately, however, employees have been unable to view updated information on AYSO about their UCRP accounts throughout this extended transition. Systemwide Human Resources leadership extends their sincere apologies for this delay, which has been frustrating and inconvenient for those accustomed to tracking UCRP account updates online.

With the launch of UCRAYS, up-to-date UCRP account information will once again be easily accessible online. It’s important to note that your UC pension is based on a calculation that takes into account your age at retirement, your Highest Average Plan Compensation and your UCRP service credit; it is not based directly on your contributions to your UCRP account. See Your UC Retirement Benefits for more information about how retirement income is calculated for members of your UCRP tier. 

If you’re leaving UC and taking an accumulation of your UCRP contributions, you’ll need to complete a distribution request form (UBEN 142). You’re advised to wait 30 days after leaving UC to submit the form to ensure all of your contributions have been captured by the system. For more information, see What to do if you’re leaving UC employment.

Additional UCRAYS features will be introduced in the months following its launch. Look out for more information this fall on UCnet and for retirees in New Dimensions.

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