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UC Retirement Administration Service Center upgrading technology, experiencing delays

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The UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) has transitioned to a new retirement record keeping system. As the organization works through the technology transition, the RASC has been experiencing high call volumes and longer wait and processing times than normal.

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The RASC apologizes for any inconvenience caused by these delays, and teams are working diligently to restore service levels. Please note that benefit payments for current retirees are being processed on schedule, with no delays.

A key priority is to ensure that July 1 retirees receive their first payments on schedule. To meet that goal, many dedicated team members have been working nights and weekends and temporary staff have been hired to assist. Here’s what you need to know:

If you’re planning to retire soon or have a retirement in process

  • Make sure to allow plenty of time for the retirement process. Plan to contact the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) to request to speak to a retirement counselor three months before the date you plan to retire. See What to do if you’re preparing for retirement for more information.
  • Retirement is a multi-step process. Once you submit a signed retirement election form (with supporting documentation, if required), you should receive a confirmation letter within 45 days. If you are not contacted within that time period, you should reach out to the RASC using the contact information below.
  • Please avoid sending duplicate documents or forms to the RASC. Additional, unnecessary paperwork can cause confusion and slow down the processing of retirement information.

If you’re experiencing a delay

The RASC has put together focused teams to set up benefit payments as quickly as possible. Your confirmation letter will reflect your actual payment date.

If there is an issue causing a delay (such as paperwork still needed from you or from outside agencies such as CalPERS) a representative will contact you to request any information that is needed from you, and to provide an update on your retirement process. You may also reach out to the RASC for an update using the contact information below.

Please be assured that delays in processing your retirement will not affect the pension you receive or your retiree health benefits (if eligible). Pension benefits and retiree health benefits (if applicable) will be retroactive based on your retirement date.

Contacting the RASC

To contact the RASC, you can send an email to customerservice.reply@ucop.edu or call at 1-800-888-8267 (in U.S.), Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m. (PT). Wait times are typically shortest on Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PT).

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