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Retirees: Review your costs and options for 2020

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Open Enrollment for UC benefits begins Oct. 31 and ends on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 5 p.m., PT. The Open Enrollment website – ucal.us/oe – will launch the week of Oct. 28 with details about costs, plan changes and how to enroll online.

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It is important to consider all of your options carefully to determine whether your current plan is still the best fit, and remains affordable for you. Premiums for some UC plans are increasing substantially for 2020 – for single coverage, retirees in Medicare will pay around $73 a month more for UC Medicare PPO and around $109 a month more for UC High Option Supplement to Medicare. See 2020 rates for retirees.

UC is introducing an affordable new option this year — UC Medicare Choice, a medical and prescription drug plan administered by UnitedHealthcare®. Members of Health Net Seniority Plus who do not take action will be enrolled automatically in UC Medicare Choice for 2020. Premium costs will be lower than they were for Health Net Seniority Plus, with similar low copays.

Watch your mailbox for your Open Enrollment booklet and New Dimensions, featuring Open Enrollment news and highlights.

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