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This year UC welcomed the highest number ever of first-year and transfer students (108,178), including a record number of in-state applicants (71,655). Of the 28,752 transfer students, 26,700 came from California Community Colleges.

UC Riverside was able to offer admission to the most freshmen students — 27,886. From 2017 through 2019, it has admitted the highest number of African-American, American-Indian and Chicano/Latino transfer students from California Community Colleges. “Our students represent the best of what our nation has to offer in terms of academic excellence, diversity, and resilience,” says Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox.

Of newly admitted in-state students at UC San Diego and UC Davis, 41 percent are the first generation in their family to attend college. And, from 2012 to 2019, UC San Diego’s admissions from underrepresented student groups rose by 68 percent! UC Santa Cruz also celebrated growing diversity and first-gen student populations. “UC Santa Cruz is committed to admitting students with the background and potential to succeed and to providing support to help all students achieve their potential — especially those who will be the first in their family to earn a four-year degree,” says Chancellor Cynthia K. Larive. 

In June 2018, the American Talent Initiative (ATI) and Campaign for College Opportunity praised UCLA’s “transfer-friendly ecosystem,” citing it as a model for transfer outreach programming. This year, the campus continued its momentum, admitting approximately 5,200 transfer students. Of these transfer students, 94 percent attended a California Community College, 54 percent came from low-income families and 52 percent will be first in their family to earn a college degree. “We are privileged to have such a strong transfer student presence at UCLA,” says Gary Clark, director of undergraduate admissions, UCLA. “Students from our community colleges throughout the state continue to enrich the undergraduate experience.”

These statistics are a testament to UC’s commitment to making college accessible to all Californians at all campuses. And, they’re indicative of the remarkable work of UC staff: Those who develop and manage supportive programs, advocate for UC, advise students and families, provide hands-on support, facilitate nourishment and housing, secure financial aid and manage the boots-on-the-ground logistics that keep UC campuses and locations running smoothly every day.

It takes a village to raise the next generation of Golden State leaders. It takes UC.

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