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UC is home to some of the world’s greatest minds, and host to even more. Now you can tune in to their lectures and conversations virtually during your commute, lunchbreak or gym time thanks to UC podcasts! Whether you’re into politics, art, science, technology, philosophy, wellness or entertainment, our roundup of campus podcasts has got you covered.

Berkeley Talks: Don’t miss lectures and conversations from UC Berkeley on politics, art, science, etc. — from campus experts and outside luminaries. One recent guest was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Unfold (UC Davis): Learn about new technologies and innovations to help feed more people while sustaining the planet, along with “flavorful bites that pair well with wine and beer.”

The UCI Podcast: Events, news and expert voices from UC Irvine. Recent episodes cover the molecular secrets of herbal remedies, “ask a philosopher” and an expert take on the coronavirus.

UCLA International Institute: Don’t miss fascinating public lectures produced throughout the International Institute and its member centers. Recent topics include the impact of evolving cybersecurity policies and Whistleblowers: American Honesty.

RadioBio (UC Merced): UC Merced grad students talk with scientists about biological systems, from molecules to ecosystems, with such varied topics as underground viruses and poop.

The Creator State (UC Riverside): Catch these fascinating stories of social innovation and entrepreneurship from California’s movers, shakers, change-makers and creators. Recent guests include UC Riverside alums DJ Alf Alpha and former foster child Regina Louise talking about taking control of your own story and using your voice to become your own hope — no matter the circumstances.

UC San Diego: Programs from UC San Diego include something for everyone, with recent episodes featuring healthy aging in the tech era, brain-imaging experts and the composer of the Central Park Five opera.

Carry the One (UCSF): A science podcast hosted by UCSF grad students and post docs.

The Spark (UCSF):  A monthly podcast from the UCSF School of Medicine. Recent topical episodes include burnout, the opioid epidemic and gun violence.

UC Santa Barbara: Stay up-to-date with current events from a Gaucho perspective. Recent episodes have explored the Chinese immigrant experience, conversations with the screenwriter of “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and help contextualizing the fight for health care reform.

StoryCruz (UC Santa Cruz): Tune in for “the stories of UC Santa Cruz, from bright minds, impassioned movements, and impactful research to tales of endearing quirkiness.” Along with a campus news roundup, a recent episode featured an undergraduate researcher raising awareness of “deficit thinking” to combat the harmful perceptions that many first-gen students experience.

The Science of Happiness (Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley)Learn research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life, drawing on the science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe.

Have another UC-produced podcast that you’ve been digging lately? Share it with your colleagues in the comments!

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