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The Systemwide WellBeing Initiative unites faculty and staff across UC in its mission to improve our collective emotional, financial, nutritional and physical wellbeing. By sponsoring programs, resources, and events, we aim to provide easily accessible tools and knowledge for all employees to lead a healthy and thriving life.

Pillars of Wellbeing

Emotional health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress negatively affect individual’s health, engagement and productivity. By championing employees to seek help when needed and highlighting behavioral health benefits, UC is measuring for success by striving to increase first time outpatient visits.

Learn more about your health plans behavioral health programs and resources: 

  • Kaiser Permanente members have the option to access behavioral health care through Kaiser or Optum
  • Optum provides behavioral health and substance abuse coverage for employees and retirees enrolled in Kaiser plans 
  • Anthem Blue Cross provides behavioral health and substance abuse coverage for employees and retirees enrolled in UC PPO plans

Whether you're just starting a career or preparing for retirement, it's important to understand how to reach your financial goals. To help you on the path toward financial health, UC offers onsite classes covering a wide range of topics, from budgeting basics to saving for retirement. You can also meet with a financial expert in person or over the telephone for a free personal consultation.  

UC is measuring success through increased class attendance, personal consultations and department meetings. Through education, you will be empowered to better manage daily finances, while setting and achieving short and long term goals. We want to help all UC employees:

  • Reduce financial stress
  • Minimize high interest debt
  • Build an emergency savings fund
  • Protect income and assets from loss
  • Make a plan to reach future financial goals

Making the right food choices can be confusing, but a nutritious diet is essential for overall health. UC is measuring for success by trying to slow the growing rate of diabetes, an epidemic that is dramatically reduced with a healthy diet. Through disease prevention and care management resources, UC employees can discover the connection between their health and the foods they eat.

Learn more about your health plan's diabetes prevention and maintenance programs and resources: 

  • Anthem Blue Cross invites UC PPO plan members to take a one-minute quiz to find out if you qualify for Solera, Anthem’s free diabetes prevention program. Most programs include small group support, access to a personal health coach and tools like a wireless scale or an activity tracker.
  • Health Net offers UC members access to Omada, an online program that helps individuals reduce their risk for serious, preventable diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Omada promotes healthy choices and lifelong habits through resources such as access to health coaching, a wireless scale and digital pedometer, weekly interactive lessons and an online support group.
  • Kaiser Permanente members with diabetes can find support through tools, resources and online and in person classes to help create a personalized action plan matching your preferences, your individual ability and your level of commitment.

Regular wellness checkups with your health care provider can help detect problems before they start or diagnose issues early, when chances for treatment and cure are better. UC is measuring for success by supporting employees' commitment to take charge of their health by staying current on well-care visits, screenings and immunizations.

2019 Systemwide WellBeing Report

UC measures success by monitoring and reporting on metrics that support our four core pillars. The 2019 Systemwide WellBeing Report provides a 3-year review of location-specific measurements for each of the following:

Emotional wellbeing

First-time outpatient visits

Financial wellbeing

  • Onsite workshop attendance
  • Department meeting attendance
  • One-on-one in-person consultation

Nutritional wellbeing

Diabetes prevalence rate (Type 1 & 2)

Physical wellbeing:

Adult well-care visits

We invite you to be part of the effort to "move the needle" toward a healthy future.