There are many paths to wellness. In addition to our benefit providers, UC offers many resources that can help.


Faculty and staff assistance programs

Your faculty and staff assistance program (sometimes called an Employee Assistance Program) is a free, confidential resource for emotional health and wellness.  Many assistance programs have resources right on campus, with easy access to private, professional short-term counseling, assessment and referral.

UC Diabetes Prevention Program

All 10 campuses now have a UC Diabetes Prevention Program (UC DPP), which is free for all faculty and staff thanks to the work of the Global Food Initiative’s Healthy Campus Network (HCN). The UC DPP is a year-long program that follows the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Diabetes Program. Completing a Diabetes Prevention Program has been shown to reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes almost 60%. That means you have less than half the chance of getting type 2 diabetes by completing the program!

Here’s how it works: DPP Participants meet for one-hour sessions in small ‘cohorts’ with 10–20 faculty and staff members who are at-risk for diabetes. Led by trained lifestyle coaches, these sessions help participants learn to meet their health goals through education, encouragement and tools — including stress management techniques, tips for increasing physical activity, nutrition information and motivational support. Participants track their progress throughout a year, participating in weigh-ins and measuring time spent exercising. The program’s goal is for participants to lose 5-7% of their overall body weight while exercising at least 150 minutes each week. The program is hosted either in person or virtually via Zoom depending on the campus.

Learn more about the UC DPP at your location:

To learn more about the program, check out this UCnetwork story.

Financial wellness

Financial uncertainty is a common source of stress. The right planning and resources can offer protection and peace of mind.

Smoke and tobacco free

Work-life balance

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Email movement reminders 

Sign up for a twice-daily reminder (at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.) to get up and stretch. Though content is customized by location, all are welcome to sign up.

Greater Good Magazine

The award-winning online magazine produced by the Greater Good Science Center features articles, podcasts, quizzes and more, with a focus on the psychology, sociology and neuroscience of wellbeing.

Guided meditation podcasts 

Each weekly podcast has a different theme and offers a new daily life practice, guided meditation, silent practice time, and closing comments. 

UCTV Wellbeing Channel

Explore physical and emotional wellbeing topics through documentaries, faculty lectures, research symposia, artistic performances and more.

Wellness Adds Up video library

Start improving your mind, body, spirit and environment, one short video at a time. Topics include strength, flexibility, stress management, sustainability, nutrition and motivation.

Workplace Well-being Toolkit

A resource for managers and supervisors, helping them encourage and support staff to bring their best selves to work.