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UC Offers Pay Increases for Postdoctoral Scholars

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This week, UC presented a new economic proposal to the United Auto Workers union as part of a proposed multi-year collective-bargaining agreement covering postdoctoral scholars.  Highlights of changes in the University’s proposal include:

Compensation/Salary Scale:

  • The initial adjustment to the salary scale would result in all bargaining unit members receiving an average 4% increase over the 5/1/22 pay scale
  • Guaranteed, predictable, annual increases of 2.5% for the duration of the agreement, plus annual experience level increases
  • The guaranteed annual range adjustments are higher than the typical NIH scale increase

Benefits and family support: 

  • The current contract guarantees four weeks of paid parental leave. The University’s most recent proposal would add four weeks of paid family care leave to the existing leave for additional flexibility
  • This additional leave is available for a family member’s serious illness, for a military caregiver, or for another qualifying exigency leave
  • Neither leave will require Family Medical Leave eligibility

As a reminder, the University’s overarching goal is to reach a multi-year agreement reflecting postdocs’ significant contributions to UC. Other priorities include:

  • Supportive, respectful working conditions: Ensuring a safe, respectful, and supportive work environment for all employees, including postdocs, is a top priority for UC
  • Good-faith, efficient negotiations: Negotiations are most successful when both sides come to the table with an open mind, a genuine willingness to listen and be flexible, and a good-faith commitment to productive, respectful negotiations to reach an agreement before the current contract expires

Thank you for your many contributions to our research mission and the UC community.

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