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Update on the transition from AYSO to UCRAYS

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Update, Sept. 27, 2019: UC’s new retirement website has launched


The launch of UC’s new retirement site, UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) has been confirmed for the week of Sept. 23, 2019. Announcements will be shared on At Your Service Online (AYSO) and UCnet shortly after UCRAYS launches, with information about UCRAYS’ self-service tools and security features. Additional features will continue to be added to UCRAYS in the months following its launch.

From AYSO to UCRAYS: What you need to know

While the transition from AYSO to UCRAYS is underway, the data related to your UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) account displayed in AYSO has been frozen as of January 2019. Updates to your UCRP account balances and service credit are continuing, and you will be able to see your updated account information, including monthly contributions and service credit totals since January 2019, when UCRAYS launches.

In December 2019, the UCRAYS Retirement Estimator will open, with calculations based on your updated compensation and service credit records.

Understanding your retirement income

The Retirement Estimator continues to be available on AYSO to faculty and staff who have previously been able to use the tool. With this tool, you can estimate your UCRP retirement income based on your age at retirement, projected service credit (assuming your percentage appointment doesn’t change), and your 36 month highest average plan compensation (HAPC) as of January 2019.

The AYSO retirement estimator also allows you to model customized retirement scenarios by clicking on View More Monthly Income Options. For example, if you are three or more years from retirement, you can enter your current salary as your Anticipated Monthly Compensation at Retirement. You can also include details such as a contingent annuitant or your anticipated unused sick leave balance at retirement in the estimate. 

If you are considering retirement within the next year and you are unable to use the AYSO retirement estimator, or if you need updated information about your UCRP account balances before the launch of UCRAYS, you can submit a request to customerservice.reply@ucop.edu. You will hear back within 3-5 business days.

If you’d like to learn more about how retirement income is calculated for members of your UCRP tier, check out Your UC Retirement Benefits. See the UC Retirement Choice Program page for important differences between Pension Choice (which offers a UCRP pension benefit) and Savings Choice (which offers a 401(k)-style account).

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