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Public input on UC Health collaboration

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The university’s academic health systems have affiliations with a wide range of non-UC medical facilities to help fulfill UC’s public service and educational mission. These agreements enable UC clinicians to take care of patients at these other facilities and allow UC health professional trainees to gain valuable field experience.  

Some of the non-UC hospitals and clinics have policy-based restrictions on certain types of health care services. Responding to concerns raised about these agreements, UC took action in three ways in 2019, including by forming a working group to analyze the issue. This group was charged with helping ensure UC’s values and expectations are upheld when our employees are working in non-UC facilities. The chair of the working group has completed a report that presents two broad paths forward, and we are now asking for public comment. The report is posted online, along with a form to provide feedback by Feb. 21.

This is an important issue for the University of California, its patients, health professionals, students, and the communities we serve. Across the nation, similar conversations are evolving as health systems increasingly collaborate. UC is committed to a thoughtful and deliberative process that best serves our public service and educational mission.

View the Chair’s Report and submit your feedback here: ucal.us/wgca

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