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President Napolitano approves continuation of merit pay program for non-represented staff for 2019-20

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In a recent letter to chancellors, President Napolitano announced that she has approved systemwide merit increases for policy-covered staff for fiscal year 2019-20. The merit program is part of President’s Napolitano’s goal to implement regular, systemwide pay increases when possible to recognize the contributions of staff.

Chancellors have an overall budget of 3 percent to use for possible merit increases if performance criteria are met, with flexibility regarding the effective date of raises.

The merit pay program applies to policy-covered staff in career or partial-year career appointments who meet performance criteria; it excludes student employees and anyone covered by Academic Personnel policies. Pay increases for union-represented employees are governed by labor contracts and are not affected by this program.

Each location will announce the details of the local program, including the effective date and program parameters. Watch for details about the salary program at your location.

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