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OGC guidance on political activities

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As our life’s work is rooted in serving Californians and California communities, it’s natural that many UC employees are deeply invested and involved in political activities. But, it’s crucial to remember that many laws and policies prohibit the university from engaging in political activities in support or opposition to candidates, parties and ballot measures. These restrictions apply to the activities of the university overall, as well as to the activities of individual faculty and staff members — either while acting in their capacity as representatives of the university or while using university resources.

It’s essential for all UC employees to comply with these rules. There are potential criminal and civil penalties for misuse of public resources, and, in the case of the rules that apply to tax-exempt organizations, the university’s tax-exempt status could even be jeopardized.

To help UC employees better understand and follow these rules, the Office of the General Counsel offers a number of resources:

If you have questions about this guidance, please contact Ellen Auriti or Tom Schroeder in the Office of General Counsel or your local campus counsel.  

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