Candidates are responsible for the accuracy of information in their candidate statements and in any other material they produce in support of their candidacies. UC is not responsible for the accuracy, nor does it endorse the content, of any information provided by the candidates.

Lucy E. Whyte

Payroll/Personnel Specialist, UC Davis

I am a former student assistant and alum (’07) of UC Davis, and I have worked as a Payroll/Personnel Specialist for a little over two and a half years. I am planning to spend the rest of my career in the UC system to take advantage of the pension plan offered, which I recognize is an increasingly rare workplace benefit. As someone with decades before retirement, I believe I can represent the interests of both current and future members of UCRS. If elected to the UCRS Advisory Board, I would advocate for investing wisely to preserve pension plan funds, while continuing to explore other plan options to ensure security and provide flexibility for current and future retirees.

Tiffany E. Wilson

Systemwide Academic HR Analyst 3, UC Office of the President

I would like to share a bit about my background. I am a Cal grad with 17 years experience as a paralegal, including 4.5 years as a benefits paralegal in the Office of the General Counsel. I am currently an Academic Personnel Policy Analyst in Academic Personnel and Programs.

While working in OGC, I recognized the confusion surrounding the retirement plans and retirement benefits. I want to represent staff on the UCRS Advisory Board because I know our retirement plan is important to our future financial security. If elected, my goals for my term on the Board are to improve transparency, improve education regarding retirement benefits, maintain retirement benefits, and ensure security of electronic information and electronic payments.

Ruth S. Zolayvar

Inpatient Pharmacy Technician III, UCSD Medical Center

My name is Ruth Zolayvar and I have worked as a Pharmacy Technician at UC-San Diego Medical Center for 13 years. I am a member of AFSCME Local 3299 and serve on the Union’s Executive Board and Bargaining Team. We represent 26,000 service and patient care technical workers at UC. I am deeply committed to the health of the UC Retirement System, and in particular, to preserving the defined benefit (DB) pension. The pension is one of the University’s most important tools to attract and maintain a first class workforce serving UC patients and students. Equally important, the pension is the primary source of retirement income that enables represented staff, particularly important for low wages workers, to retire with dignity and security.