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UCRSAB candidate statements

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Candidates are responsible for the accuracy of information in their candidate statements and in any other material they produce in support of their candidacies. UC is not responsible for the accuracy, nor does it endorse the content, of any information provided by the candidates.

Jake Banfield-Weir, UC San Diego Health

As Assistant Director of UC San Diego’s Stem Cell Program with 6.5 years of service, I, Jake Banfield-Weir, am dedicated to the sustainability and enhancement of the UC Retirement System (UCRS). My background in finance, accounting, and service on various boards, including the City of San Diego Forest Advisory Board, San Diego Eye Gnat Abatement Appeals Board, and Treasurer of the San Diego Botanical Garden Foundation, uniquely qualifies me to the Board.

My priorities include promoting transparency, long-term financial stability, and providing educational resources to help members make informed decisions. My commitment to pension plan preservation and exploration of flexible options aims to secure the future for both current and prospective retirees, while attracting top talent to the UC system.

Angela Clark, UC Office of the President

I welcome the opportunity to serve and contribute to the UCRS Advisory Board as a member with my background in the Retirement Industry. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Retirement Administration Service Center as a Benefits Analyst and have a solid understanding of our retirement offerings. I am passionate about retirement related matters, and have experience with our current system, UCRS Pension Plan, defined contribution plans, in addition have extensive knowledge to 401(a), 403(b), 415(m) and 457(b) knowledge, compliance experience, and financial fiduciary responsibility knowledge. My dedication to the value of these treasured UC retirement benefits will be upheld to my dedication and commitment of keeping this program an attractive component to the members we serve.

Anh Pham, UC Irvine

My three priorities are the protection of UCRS benefits for current and future retirees, maintaining UCRS sustainably for a secure and predictable retirement, and increasing retirement information and education for employees at every career stage.

As a UC alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in public policy, a master’s degree, and pursuing a Ph.D. in higher education administration, I am passionate about serving our communities and fostering social equity. I have worked at both UCR and UCI for almost 10 years. My current role as an equal opportunity and Title IX investigator for UCI/UCI Health has given me experience in addressing challenges faced by our dedicated staff. While you work to improve our community, I am here to advocate for you!

Gretchen Verdugo, UC Irvine

I am honored to submit my candidacy for UCRS Advisory Board member. My background and training as a certified public accountant, MBA and public-company Chief Financial Officer are well-suited to the role. I am an active UC Irvine Staff Assembly member serving on the Scholarship Committee (past co-chair) and UCI Alumni. My current role is Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Analysis for Student Housing, Graduate and Family where I am relied upon to provide strategic support and analysis for key initiatives and programs. I served as retirement plan administrator for past employers and completed retirement plan audits for clients of KPMG. I welcome the opportunity to leverage my financial and policy-setting expertise to represent Staff as an Advisory Board member.

David Yamada, UCLA Health

I serve as the Chief Nurse Representative for the California Nurses Association at UCLA, and it would be an honor to serve on the UCRP Advisory Committee and represent the nearly 18,000 UC nurses. I am qualified for this because I used to be an accountant doing corporate audit at a public accounting firm prior to my nursing career. The pension is one of the main reasons I have remained at UCLA for 14 years. I intend to work for UC until retirement as long as the pension remains healthy and the UC system remains a safe environment to practice nursing. It would be an honor to help protest the pension on behalf of UC nurses through service on this committee.

Ruth Zolayvar, UC San Diego Health

I have worked as an in-patient pharmacy technician at UC-San Diego Medical Center for almost 17 years and have served on the UCRS Advisory Board since 2019. Over these last four years, I have attended every advisory board meeting ready to ask questions and make sure UC listens to our concerns. I am seeking re-election to continue fighting to make sure that UC prioritizes protecting the health of our pension and so that UC workers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, job titles and income levels will be able to retire with security and dignity.